Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zoya - Sooki

I am away on my weekend, to see the in laws, because I've had a difficult week, and the next one will be even more difficult.
I am starting to have less and less time for my blog, and I hate that.
So this is why I prepared this post from yesterday.
This is Zoya Sooki - definitely my new favourite red cream - this is so intense - I love it, it reminds me of old movies with Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant.
Application and formula are great as always, and wear is good too, I've had it for two days on my nails, and no chips, no tip wear.
I applied a coat of Dior Rock coat on top, and I think it looks great - it gives it a kind of goth look. Here are the photos:

See the subtle shimmer?


  1. I love Sooki and looks Amazing with the Dior tc.
    Your nails are fabulous!

  2. Oh, wonderful!! Love that red and with the Dior Rock coat is wonderful!!!

  3. Love that Red!! Not sure about Dior top coat though

  4. rock or not this is becoming one of my favourite reds so far.
    Carolina I don't like it as much with the rock coat on top, but i had to try it
    beauty addict I totally share your opinion

  5. I falled inloved with this color.Can't wait to wear it in the summer!!!


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