Saturday, May 28, 2011

Essence twins - Bella & Edward

These are a pair of the Essence twins I bought in Lausanne last week. I love the idea, and they looked like fun, so I bought too.
So how do these work: there's a base color, a cream, and on top you add the glitter. I have the twilight version to show you today, as I am sure you have noticed the names of these two polishes.
The cream is a turquoise polish that I love, the formula on these ones is a lot better than their regular collection, that I can find at Auchan, the brush is better too. I applied two coats of Bella, but this is definitely a one coatter.
On top I applied two more coats of the glitter and this is how it came out:


  1. The color was beautiful by itself but with the glitters it's so much prettier . The glitters just brought it to life.

  2. Cute cute cute colour!!! Love it!
    And the glitter too! :*

  3. You know I love this combo!
    Looks very nice on you!

  4. oh wow! the top coat is wonderful over this! the names aren't bad either ;)

  5. Super cute! I really like this pair :)

    P.S. Like your new banner too :D

  6. Thanx ANutka it's actually my wedding bouquet.


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