Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CND's the look flesh forward

Ok. I had reviewed this like ages ago, but totally forgot to take pictures of it. So today I decided to try it again, since tomorrow I have a meeting with a client and I can't wear blue.
There are two polishes in this pack, the color that's called Perfectly bare and it's a cream beige that's definitely a one coatter, which is what I did, and the effect is Perfectly Bare Shimmer and it's filled with white flakies.
I forgot to take pictures of the nude polish, as usual......
The flood is back, today while I was at home, I heard a noise, and thought it was my cat licking itself, but it was the water falling out of the sink. I ended up cleaning the whole mess again all alone. I had tons of work to do so I am kinda mad. I've had enough, the plumber apparently came today while I was out, and although I asked if I should leave my keys, they said that they would not need to enter the apartment, but finally they did. So now I have to wait until they come tonight.
And the water now flows not only from the sink, but also from somewhere beneath the fridge. Actually all the water that the neighbors use comes into my sink. Fun isn't it.
Anyways, here are the photos:


  1. You have an award on my blog

  2. That is absolutely perfect on you! Gorgeous.

  3. Hope they get your plumbing sorted out soon; that must be so frustrating!

    This combination is nice but not really calling me to buy it. I liked the teal set they came out with in fall much better.

  4. Thanx Karen. I don't like it much either but the effect is quite pretty.
    Nail Noir - thank you I thought it was kind of boring, but had to wear it for work today.
    Lily merci beaucoup


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