Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Wednesday time - Essie - No Bounderies

And it's that time of the week again. I love this day!! I see only pink in my blogroll, makes my day.
I chose Essie No Bounderies , because I just got this in the mail a week ago, and I've been saving it to post it on a Wednesday.
I put on two coats, application as formula were both a dream, I just love Essie, they are not so wild on colors but they are one of the best quality polishes I've ever used.
I have gotten used to the brush and although I will forever be a fan of OPI brushes, I now find it easy to use the Essie brushes too.
On to the finish, it's a bright pink cream polish, I used two coats for opacity, and dried in no time, with my Seche vite. Of course I applied a base coat before, never skip that step, or you will find yourself confrunted with horrible stains on your nails.
I added a coat of OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream which I love even by itself, but I think on top of the Essie it came out looking great.
Here are the photos, and as always click to enlarge:


  1. Ohh I love this pink on you! I should get onto Pink Wednesdays because I love pink but I am way too random in my polish choices for that lol ;)

  2. Yap me too, but I like having a day where the choice is more limited. :))

  3. Love that pink! Looks so smooth and .. perfect! I may be purchasing this colour too!


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