Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OPI Not like the movies - half moon mani & Last friday night

I finally decided to buy the Katy Perry collection, although I wasn't so excited about it at first. I still am not, but I guess I will regret not having these later.
The first one I am going to show you is Not like the movies - I think I got the other version of this polish, because I barely saw any pink in it - it's a gray metallic shimmer polish, with small silver glitter, the duochrome is very subtle, I couldn't capture it in my photos, and the green isn't that obvious either.
So since grays are not my favorite, I thought I'd spice it up and add a little color, so I did a half moon mani with OPI DS Extravagance. This is 3 coats. So these are the photo:

You can see the pink a little bit in this one

The second one I tried and like even less is Last Friday night - this is a subtle blue base with blue glitter in different sizes. I think that this is one of the polishes I like least in my whole collection. It makes my finger nails look like they are the nails of a zombie.
This is most surely better for layering. This is two coats. Oh and the removal was an absolute pain.

And last but not least yesterday Mumu was on his pillow on the chair, and the pillow fell down with him, and so he decided it was just as good on the floor as on the chair. So here he is cleaning himself. He's very clean, he washes himself like 3h/day. 


  1. half moon mani looks awesome :-D
    and mumu... he's so sweet, my tomcat is sleeping on his chair right now, no one can't sit there ;-)

  2. I love how this manicure came out!

  3. I like the purple, the half moon manicure came out great!

  4. Great half moon! And yes LFN is horrible on its own but STUNNING when layered :) Cute cat! He looks just like my BF's cat :D


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