Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flormar U15

 Sorry about missing pink Wednesdays but I was away on business yesterday all day. I had prepared a post for it, but I had not taken the photos down from my memory card, and it had a brake down, and now I can't use it, because my computer won't recognize it. So I lost a few reviews, my pink Wednesday for yesterday and some old photos I had not saved on my computer. I know, lately I've been having all sorts of this breaking down. The plumber finally came and unclogged my drain, but I later noticed that the printer's transformer had been under water, and broke so I was unable to use my printer at a time I most needed it. All sorts of things like this.
When I went back home for Easter I bought loads of Flormar polishes, and they have a new collection out, it's a duochrome collection called Supershine Miracle Colors. This one is a pink one, with slight brown reflexes.
I applied 3 coats to get full opacity, and decided to do a design from my new Bundle Munster plate no BM 204, that I love by the way. These new plates have larger designs that will fit even your thumb nail, and the patterns are so cute.


  1. Pretty! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, if you look at my nail blog you'll see what that means!


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