Thursday, June 30, 2011

Essie Borrowed & Blue

I am falling in love with Essie polishes!!
I love them more and more, at first I thought that they were boring, but now I see that the formula is wonderfull, the brush is great, and the polishes always look amazing on my nails. The finish is super shinny, and they always get opaque in two coats.
Ok I've gushed enough!
This is part of the 2011 Wedding collection, and it is was won by me in KarenD's giveaway. So thank you Karen for this gem!!
As I've already told you these polishes are wonderfull and I absolutely loved wearing this shade. I don't know about you but my nails always look bigger with lighter cream shades. This one is a baby blue cream, and it is almost white.
The first coat is always a bit streaky on this kind of polishes, but the second one make it perfect.
And to top it off I added a coat of CND Copper Shimmer.
Here are the photos:
Isn't it just gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Hema Diamond - 12

This is a first for me, a Hema polish!!
These are found in Hema stores, and retail for about 3€, and I find them to be very good quality nail polish. This does not have a name, or I wasn't smart enough to find it on the bottle.
It's a pink base with pink and purple shimmer. It needed 3 coats for opacity but I loved the final look.
I bought two of these, I will show you the other one on another ocasion.
The brush is good, application was easy, no problems there, and formula is similar to the Zoya Sunshine collection.
On top I applied a design from my new Bundle monster plate BM 212 with black Konad polish. I also applied a coar of Sinful Colors Glass Pink and finally came up with this:

 Sorry for the crappy pictures we had some rainy days here.
And bonus a photo of Mumu sucking on a boat roap

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OPI - The one that got away

Well I have finally swatched the last Katty Perry nail polish. Yey!!!!
I have not loved them. Not one!
I am not a fan of these colors, don't even know why I bought them.
This one is not the best of all of them. I put on two coats and still had bald patches here and there. I am not saying these are not good polishes but I am just not a fan of these shades.
This is a dark red jelly with lots of pink shimmer.
So I applied a coat of Teenage dream, but I didn't think it looked better.
It's weird how tastes can be so different, because my friend Cristina said that this collection was awesome, and that she loved every polish.
Anyways here are the photos:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Revlon - Ocean

I got this in a swap with Carolina a few months ago, and just to show you how everything moves in slow motion in Europe, it is just now that this nail polish showed up at stores here.
This is a blue green shimmer - the name kinda says it all, it's like looking in the water, sometimes it looks blue sometimes it looks green. I had a hard time capturing the blue in it though.
The application was very good, the brush glides on smoothly and the polish took only 2 coats to get opaque.
The formula is ok too, I didn't have any problems with it.
It dries pretty quickly too.
I applied a coat of Essence Circus Confetti which is like China Glaze Party hardy I think or Deborah Lippmann Happy birthday. I don't own any of those so I can't do a comparison.
Here are the photos:

You can see a bit the blue in this photo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sally Hansen - Grey Area

I am going to rave about this one!!
It is one of those colors that sit in my stash for months before being tried and when I finally do, I wonder why I haven't done so much earlier.
It looks grey in the bottle but it is more than that, it's a bit purple too, and a bit blue too. It's definitelly a cream, and I think you can get away with only one coat because it is pretty thick as formula, but easely manageble, and I love love the brush. I applied two coats and after that I thought it would look cool with a bit of sponging on the tip with Orly - Space Cadet.
This is truly a gem and I am sorry for not discovering it faster. This was one of the polishes Carolina from Colores de Carol sent me in our last swap. Thank you Carolina!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

George - Superhero

And I decided to try another George polish. This one is a classic fire red cream.
I like the shade of red this is, but the application was a drag, I don't know why, maybe it's the brush, but I had lots of clean up to do afterwards, and I really don't do clean up usually.
I applied two coats and drying was super fast, and I had no shrinking. So that's a plus.
The price on these is like 1£ I think, and I got it from my friend Caroline from Caroline does nails!
On top I applied CND's Red Sparkle:

No flash

Natural light
Artificial light

Natural light

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Andrea Fullerton - Mischa

This is a real gem, I found it in London, and it is such a unique polish. This is an English brand I think, it retails for 5£ and the bottles are 5.5ml. So it's pretty expensive, but in small quantities it's ok.
I have to say that the polish scene is much more develloped in England, I saw LA colors, Barry M, the new Revlon collection was already out there and they had an offer at Boots 2 for 8£, so much cheapper than here - 12€. Barry M retail for 2,5£. Here the cheapest polish you can find are Kiko - 4€.
So - the polish - It is a dark blue, nearly gray jelly, full of blue and golden shimmer.
It takes 2 coats to get it opaque but I put on 3, that way I got more shimmer, but I think that finally there wasn't much difference between 2  and 3 coats .
This color is not so flattering on my skintone, but it is soooooo prettyyyy. So looksie!! click to enlarge so you can see the shimmer wonderfulness!!


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Wednesday - OPI Teenage Dream

I thought I'd show you Teenage Dream all by itself becaus eI've only showed it to you layered over another polish, and this one is quite nice on its own too.
It's a pinkish transparent base, with small pink glitter, and bigger round holo glitter.
It applies very well, I like that even in one coat the glitter spreads out on the nail, there are no bold patches, and the distribution is pretty homogeneous.
I applied two coats, and after that because I couldn't leave it alone, I added a coat of navy shatter, but I hate the way it came out.