Friday, May 20, 2011

China Glaze - Electric Pineapple

I'm back! I was away on a business trip yesterday in Switzerland, and came back at 11.30 at night so I was too tired to post anything. But I've got something today for you - it's another polish from the China Glaze Island Escape.
The good news is that yesterday after my meeting I had some time to walk around in Lausanne, and found a store that sold Catrice and Essence and I stocked up.
So onto today's polish, it's a greenish yellow cream, that reminds me of limes.
This is 3 coats, because two coats still had some transparent patches.Application was a bit runny, but I nailed it in the end. I love this color, don't you? It's so fresh, and happy!!
At the end I added a coat of China Glaze White Cap. Here are the photos:


  1. Oh how pretty this came out!

  2. Wow, these two combine really well! White Cap is a stunner. ♥

  3. I really like it with White Cap over the top! So pretty!

  4. oooh i am going to try that and also try it with lighthouse

  5. Thanx everybody!!
    Peripatetic I think I could look awesome too but I don't own that one.

  6. It's such a beautiful shade!!! I'll surely get it!!!


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