Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zoya - Mira

Since I saw the new Zoya Summer Collection, I fell in love, I love all the shades, but don't really have the funds to buy all 12, so I chose my favourites, and this is the first one I tried.
It's a purple cream polish, looks a lot like Nicole by OPI I'm a Belieber, I put the bottles side by side and they they are so close, I don't think that on the nail one can tell the difference, so if you already own one of these don't buy the other.
The formula and the application are awesome, as usual for Zoyas, and I've got nothing negative to say about this brand, I even like the bottles, I adore them.

The photos are after two day wear, and I have some scratches on the polish, but I wrapped the tips, and did not have any tip wear. 
So here are the photos:


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