Monday, May 23, 2011

My Best of Monday - My Best of creams

Hello people!!
I had a suggestion in my suggestion colomn for the giveaway, someone told me to do posts on best products. So  from now on I will start Best of Monday - what does this mean? It means that each monday  I will make a top ten of something and give the reasons and direct you to the swatches or if there are none do one.
I will start off by saying that this is my best of, and that concearns only the products that I have already tried. So this does not mean that I am excluding products that I haven't tried, just making a top ten of what I've already tested.
So here we go - I hope this will be to your liking and hope to hear your opinion on it - feedback is important to me - I value your opinion. 
The criteria I took into consideration in making this top ten are: color match with my skin tone(white as flour), application, formula, number of coats needed for opacity, price, wear and of corse shine.
10. Pink - American Apparel - Coney Island - here is the review. I placed this last because I had serious tip wear within a day and it was quite pricey.
9. Lilac - China Glaze - Agent Lavender - This barely didn't make the list but hey here it is. I had some trouble applying it and that's why it's on the 9th place.
These are old photos from my beginings as a blogger so don't jugde
8. Green -OPI - Greenwich Village - here is the review. This one is great - the price is what it is and it's a bit sheer

7. Orange - China Glaze - Life preserver - the review is here and this is definitelly one of my favourite polishes ever - but the tip wear was visible after a day and I really hate their brushes.
 6. Grey - Mavala - Mauve Cendré - you can find the review here. This one is quite a good polish, but the colour doesn't really suit me and the bottles are small, and implicitely the handle on the brush which makes application a bit difficult. But otherwise these are wonderfull polishes. These retail for 5€ 5 ml, so they are pretty expensive.
 5. Blue - Dior - Nirvana - the review is located here - The polish is perfect but the no 5 is justified by the price - 21€ and the brush is not quite perfect.
4. Electric blue - Kiko 294 - here is the review - this polish has almost got it all: the price is pretty decent 4€ - the quantity is ok too, even the brush is fine - but I hate the fact that they don't name their polishes.

3. Red - Zoya - Sooki - the review is here. This is one of the best reds ever and I must say I am won over.

2. Dusty pinkish white - Orly Pure Porcelaine - the review is here - and I really loved this polish it's the ultimate wedding color, and very work appropriate but still original - have not seen anything like it. It is kind of pricey but the bottles are huge so I guess this compensates.

And drum roll no 1. is - Misa - Dirty sexy money - the review is here - This has got it all - price is not high, the finish is super glossy, and you only need like one coat  so even for the laziest ones of you out there it's perfect, the colour is gorgeous, and drying time is faboulous. And I even love the name. Oh and the bottles are square - so no space is wasted in my stash.


  1. I especially ♥ the pink one and that's an AA that I don't own, hmmm? Oh and today I finally posted the Kreativ Blogger post and gave you a shout out!:)

    By all means, go over there and take a look so that you can get to know me a little better - lol...

  2. sorry, I couldn't stop looking at Agent Lavender lol

  3. Great post!
    Just as AllThingsNails! said, the pink is beautiful, remember I've had a flash on it earlier this year... you were wearing this in a pic you've sent me after the St Valentine's Day... with a certain ring on... ;)

    But for me, Orly Pure Porcelain was a pain in the ass when it came to the application...

  4. Kiko actually names its colours, they just don't write them on bottles, don't know why :D

  5. That's a shame, It would be so much easier to keep track of them


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