My name is Ruxi, I am a roumanian married to the most wonderfull french man, and now I live in France. I became obsessed with polish after discovering OPI nail polish at Sephora.
You can contact me at dianaruxi (@) gmail (dot) com. For any question or problem you are having either with my site, or nail polish, or just to say hi send me an email. If you have a new blog or a site that you think I might be interested in, you can also contact me at this address to show it to me, I love discovering new blogs, and new sites.

My twitter page is this: http://twitter.com/#!/UneRuxiaParis

I also have a page on MUA: http://www.makeupalley.com/p~dianaruxi

I am also very open to swaps. If you want to swap please contact me at the address above.