Monday, April 30, 2012

What I would wear

Since I can't do nail posts, because of the bad bad shape my nails are in - have a look for yourselves - click to enlarge if you like to be scared- I have decided to start this series of posts.

What it is about - I choose an outfit from my own wardrobe, and show you a few nail polishes I would choose to wear with it.

I will give you all the details about the outfit and the nail polishes I chose.

So today's outfit is :

The dress is from H&M and I bought it last year just before Christmas, for New Years Eve. I think it was about 25€ not so expensive I think. It has a gray snake print on it, but it is subtle.

The shoes are from Zara and I love love love them, and when I saw them I had to have them! They were about 45€, from the summer 2011 collection. They are the color dark blue, one of my favourite colors now. 

The bag is also from Zara and I think I must have paied like 5€ for it don't remember how long ago sorry.

The nailpolishes are from left to right:
Essie: Smooth Sailing you can fin a full review here
Essie:Chinchilly you can find a full review here
Estee Lauder: Surreal Violet you can find a full review here
OPI: It's totally forth worth it you can find a full review here
Orly: Pure Porcelaine you can find a full review here

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My China Glaze stash

I have a lot of China Glaze, I think this is the brand that I have the most of, because I like their range, and they're not expensive, but it is not my favourite brand.

Anyhow here they are, if you want to know the names click on the photos of the bottom of the bottles to enlarge.
This is how I store them

On the first row from the top, to the right are also the untrieds

Friday, April 20, 2012

Essie - No more film&China Glaze Full Spectrum

Finally a nail polish post!!
That's what you must be thinking. My nails are still exfoliating like crazy, and I am trying all the treatements in the book, with no results, so guess there must be something else wrong.
But since I couldn't take it no more, I had to put on some nail polish.

I chose Essie No more film (part of the Resort 2012 collection), because I love dark nail polish on small nails. This is actually almost identical to OPI - Touring America's - Road house blues - you can find the swatch here.

So if you already own that one this is not necessairy.

This polish was a bit too thick for me, and I had some difficulties applying it, because when I took a bit more on the brush, it got all over my cuticules, and when I got less, I was unable to spread it on the nail.

The color is a dark purpelish blue cream, and it was opaque in two coats.
I did an accent nail with China Glaze Prismatic - Full Spectrum. This one is a shimmery pink base with multisized glitter in different colors.



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This months favourites

I got a lot of stuff with the 20% off promotions from Sephora, and some of them are now my favourite products.

The first thing on the list is the gel eyeliner. It has never been so easy to put on a straight line. It's been a revelation. Don't know why I insisted in using my stupid liquid eyeliner - I never got a straight line. I also bought a liner brush from mac, and it's just perfect. It's the number 210

Another thing that I am just crazy about is the Clarins Ombre Minerale 4 couleurs in number 5 Violet. It's the perfect violet palette - love every color. This comes in a beautiful red case. It's got a nice little detail C on the side, and inside has two small applicators, a wide one, and a pointy one ( not really necessary to me since I use brushes, but for those who do .....) and of course the 4 colors.

I also bought the blackest black khol liner I've ever seen - and that is the 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Perversion. It's waterproof, but it actually comes off easily with a normal make up remover. So very happy about that one too.

Just look at that black!
I bought a Dior blush, since I've never had one and it looked so cute. It's got two sides, one with a pinkish color, and the other with the peachy glow. It comes with its own brush, that I don't use, because I've got a huge Sephora blush brush.

I fell in love with this Nars eye shadow in Ondine:

And last but not least my eye pencil from L'oreal. I love their pencils, they have really pretty colors.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sephora polish news/ Les nouveaux vernis chez Sephora

Sorry everybody, this will only be in french, because it concerns only the french Sephoras, and products sold in France.
Bonjour les filles!

Ce message sera qu'en français puisque cela concerne que les habitants de la France. J'ai l’honneur de vous annoncer que maintenant Sephora vend des vernis Sally Hansen, et des traitements ( bien sûr que pour un prix exorbitant comme les OPI - 10€ le vernis, les traitements varient entre 8 et 14€ de ce que j'ai pu apercevoir). J'ai acheté le traitement Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - 8€, je suis en train de le tester, sur mes ongles qui s'exfolient, et je vous en parlerais plus tard si je vois des résultats.

Par contre dans les vernis je n'ai vu que la collection de base, donc aucune des couleurs qu'on a tellement admiré sur les blogs américains. Ce sont toutes des crèmes, par contre la bouteille m'as l'air énorme - je ne possède pas ce type de vernis. Vous pouvez voir toutes les teintes sur leur site.

Une autre bonne nouvelle c'est qu'ils vendent maintenant aussi du Nail Inc. sauf que à un prix que je considère vraiment aberrant - on est vraiment pris pour des *** en Europe, j'ai l'impression. On est les seuls à payer de tels prix pour les cosmétiques. Mais bon qu'est ce que j'y peut moi?

Donc les Nails Inc coutent 14€ chez Sephora, et vous pouvez visualiser les tentes ici.
Si ça vous fait plaisir, et vous achetez pas des vernis en quantité industrielles (comme moi), cela peut être utile de trouver toutes ces marques sous un seul toit.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flormar 11

Hi everyone!!
This is a nail polish I had on before I started the treatement for my peeling nails, which completely broke yesterday, and had to trim down to nothing.

It's a white almost transparent base, with white flecks.

This was two coats. There's nothing special about it, but I had to go to the office and had to put on something decent.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Small make up post

Hey everyone!
How was your weekend. Here it was Catholic Easter so we had monday off too. I had 3 friends over, and it was pretty crowdy in our appartement. And so you can imagine, I was really busy, doing things with them, and did not have time to write on my blog.

I am not catholic, so for me it was just a long weekend, Easter is next weekend for me, I'm orthodox. 

So you can probably remember my post about the Naked pallette here.
I use it very often, although I am not a fan of such big pallettes, because once you buy a pallette of this size with so many colors, it is clear that you are not going to love every single one. It is a great value though, because one Urban Decay eyeshadow  costs 16€, and I got it with 20% off so it was about 32€ which is the price for two individual eyeshadows.

Anyways on to the make up, it's really a very basic look, and very natural for me, since I usually put on lots more make up.

The eyeliner I used is from Kiko - very good price for a good product - 4€. The mascara is Dior Extase, my ultimate favorite mascara.

I recently bought some more products, with the 20% discount we had at Sephora, and I will be doing some reviews on them, because my nails are on a break now - they are exfoliating like crazy, and my usual treatement doesn't work any more, so I am trying something else.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

China Glaze - Stone cold

Hey everyone!
This is one of the polishes I chose from the Hunger Games collection.
I love this because it is matte, cause otherwise I woudn't have given it the time of day.

It's a black base, with silver kind of small flakes. I don't know how to identify them.
It takes two coats to become opaque, and dries matte.

I had some dragging issues with it, but the second coat did the trick. I tried it with top coat too, but it's better this way. The brush was great for this type of polish, I actually never had less application issues with a China Glaze.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Misa - Got it made in the shade & Essence Edward

This is a cream shade, mutted mint greysh color. This is part of the Hip to Jive collection.
I already have an Essie that is very much alike this Misa.

I applied two coats and it was opaque.
The color lasted pretty much about 3 days on my nails, it wore a bit on the tips, and I had a few chips in the same places as always, were my nails exfoliate.

As I thought that it was a bit boring as color, I added a coat of Essence Edward.

And the last picture is a comparison between Essie - Da bush, and Misa- Got it made in the shade. I think they are pretty similar even in the bottle, and so if you already have one, don't bother to buy the other one.