Monday, May 30, 2011

Milani - Hi-tech

Hi guys, So sorry about not posting these days, I had a fun day with my cousin on Sunday so I kinda neglected the blog, and today I was overwelmed with stuff to do for work, and my taxes, and appartement hunting again.
But hey I made some time before bed to show you I didn't forget you.
A small reminder also that my giveaway ends in two days, so if you haven't entered yet go ahead and do so. The details are on the side bar.
On to my polish of the day, that's a Milani green holo, that has been waiting in my untrieds since like forever, and I really don't know why, because this one is a great one.
I applied 3 coats, on top of normal base coat, and had no trouble with the application. I think I could have gotten away with two coats, but I just felt it needed a third one.
I also did a comparison with China glaze Tronica Laser Lime.
And bonus my first video ever!! It's of the comparison. The index and the ring are China Glaze and the middle is Milani, just because I thought the photos did not reflect the true difference between these two.
Here are the photos:


  1. Love this color! Perfect for spring :D

  2. I love holos!
    I can't remember if I entered your giveaway! Ooops!!

  3. Carolina you already did.
    Melanie thank you!!

  4. super pretty and thanks for the comparison :) Laser lime is on it's way to me in the mail, I finally found it on eBay for a decent price!


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