Monday, October 31, 2011

Zoya Anja & Essie Carry on

Hey hey everybody!!
First off let's wish Carolina from Colores de Carol a happy birthday because today it's her birthday!!
Happy Birthday Carolina!!

Now today is a double post, two polishes from this years fall collections.
First up is Zoya Anja, that is part of the Smoke&Mirrors 2011 fall collection. It's dark red cream.

I really thought that this would be unique in my collection, but it actually isn't. I was really dissapointed by this polish, the application is sloppy, it's too liquid, and you think you got enough of it on your brush, but it always is too much, and starts sliding down the brush, and messes up your mani. The second thing I didn't like about it, was that it srunk horribly with Seche. I had such a hard time cleaning up after this and then when I applied the top coat it shrunk, and it looked all messy again. Really really not loving this one!

The color is great, and the mani was decent overlooking the shrinking, for about 3 days.

Here are the photos: I am wearing two coats of Zoya Anja and a coat of Seche vite:

Next up is Essie Carry on, which had a much nicer application, the formula is better, and the polish is not so gloopy. This was a mini and the brush is not top notch on the mini Essies. This too is a dark red cream.

I applied two coats for perfect opacity and had no problem with the application, but the wear was really not what one would expect from an Essie. After two days my mani looked like this: it had a lot of tip wear because on everythinbg I touched I left a trace, and it was full of scratches, don't know why, because I didn't touch anything for a long time after I did my nails.

And I also did a little comparison because it was needed.

So as you can see there is not much difference, the Essie is a little lighter and more on the purple side, but honestly can you really tell the difference?

So don't buy both!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

New page

Just a quick post to let you all know I have added a new page to my blog, that is the Bridal page and it concerns the manicures that I do that are appropriate for a bride.
You can find it on the top along with the other pages. I hope it helps.

Friday, October 28, 2011

China Glaze - Flip flop fantasy & Cult Nails treatments

I know this is more of a summer color, but I really like neons.

This one is part of the China Glaze 2010 Poolside collection, and I got this one this summer along with Pool Party but never got to wear it on my vacation, and then my nails broke, and I thought on nubbins it wouldn't look that good, and then I had to move and then...........

Anyways its turn came up, and I am not sorry I bought it.
This one is a bright neon coral pink, it took three coats to get rid of those bald spots. I think the formula got be better, but seeing the gorgeous color on my finger tips makes me forget all that.

I have also been testing out Maria's from Cult Nails base coat and top coat.
Maria was super sweet and sent me a nail polish as a gift with them but unfortunately I already had it - it's Iconic and you can find the swatch here. Maria even sent me a little note ! She is so sweet!

The base coat has not been tested enough, and I can't really make a difference between base coats. I just know that Seche base coat is crap.

On to the top coat, I've noticed it is easy to apply, the consistency is just right, and it doesn't shrink the polish. It also dries super fast, as fast as Seche, but the one thing I do not like it's that it's not selfleveling, and leaves a bit of streking on the polish.

I used the Wicked Fast top coat on this swatch, you can see from the pictures that the nail polish is not very leveled.

Here are the photos

Love the wrapping!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is part of their limited edition Chic Chalet - Frozen Nail Laquer

All of the polishes in this collection  that is a number of 6 have a frosty look. I didn't flash on any of them, this one was the only one that nearly got my attention.

They have different caps, they are golden, which I don't like, makes them look like the cheap nail polish my mother used to buy when I was little.

The formula is as good as usual, the polish is a black cream with black blueish shimmer.

This was 3 coats, and application was really ok. As you can see the photos are still crap, and my cuticles the same, these were taken in the midst of renovation.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zoya Neeka

Hello Hello!
I think I am back.

And back in force with swatches of the gorgeous Zoya Neeka, one of the must haves in the Smoke&Mirrors collection.

This is one amazing polish, I've never seen anything like it, and I sure would not like to have missed out on it. It's a delicious plum color cream base, filled with golden flakies.

This is an easy application and great formula, as Zoya has gotten us used to, and in two coats it was opaque.

Sorry about the crappy pictures - still haven't found the good spot in the new house for taking photos, and the horrible cuticules it's the lots of work and no time for grooming thing.
The tips were a victim of shrinking.

Here are the photos:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guest post on Colores de Carol

Hi everyone!!
Sorry for the lack of posts, work is taking up most of my time.

Just a quick message to give you a heads up about my guest post on Colores de Carol
Lovely Carolina posted this today.
Thanx so much Carolina for this and hope you guys like it.

Here is a caption of the post

Click on the image to go directly to the blog post on Colores de Carol.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Essie - Brooch the Subject

I barely have the time to write this so I'm gonna make it quick. This is a polish from the Winter collection 2011, and it is a nude.

Two coats, could have used another one, but works this way too.

It is a nude beige cream polish. I think this is actually a huge trend right now in nail polish, I've seen this is so many fashion presentations, but I am not really a fan.

Here are the photos, they suck I know but I still have no sunlight and no light bulb.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nicole by OPI - I love you cherry much

I think this is part of the Something about color collection  2011. This was in my recent swaap with Carolina, and I am sad that my nails weren't longer so you can enjoy this color as much as I did.

It's a red jelly base, packed with red foilly shimmer!! The foil gives it such a sparkle, and it almost looks like a glitter, but it's not as hard to remove.

I loved this polish, but my nails just aren't showing you how great it is.

This was two coats, and one more thing, this has the old normal bursh not the wide one. Application is not as easy as with creams of course because of the flakies, but it was ok, and it is worth it for this gorgeous color.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Essie - Bossa Nova

Well two post two days in a row, I must be on a roll.
I had this swatch from before the renovating moving etc.

This is part of the Braziliant collection, and it is a bright cream pink with lots of fuchsia shimmer in it. The shimmer gave it a kind of gritty look, even after the top coat, so I applied another coat, but still nothing. So I guess this is how it is supposed to look

I kinda like this kind of polishes because it's not runny and I find them easy to apply.

So this is two coats and two coats of top coat.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Essie - School of hard rocks

Heeeeeey!! I missed you!! I am so sorry for the long pause. I have been super busy with moving out, moving in, unpacking, putting together Ikea furniture, cleaning, and other work stuff. And I am not done yet. So for a while the posts will still be scarce.

I found a little time today to show you one of the winter collection Essies - that is an all creams collection.

This is a dark mutted green, leaning towards gray.

I applied two coats, and it was easy, and a bit runny, but actually pretty good formula.

Don't mind the state of my nails, and fingers, I have had my nails naked for a couple of weeks, they broke, and exfoliated, etc because of the excessive cleaning products, and dust and other stuff. My hands are also super dry, because I could not moisturize, I had already packed my creams and stuff and it took some time, to unpack them.

The photos aren't great either, because my husband broke my natural light light bulb, and we've had no sun in like a week.

So here are the photos