Sunday, May 22, 2011

China Glaze - Senorira Bonita

How is everybody today? Thinking of the new week ? I am. Depressing!!
Anyways, today I have another Island Escape for you - it's a beautiful purple with violet shimmer and I think tiny purple flakes. The first coat was a real pain in application because it was very very sheer, it was almost transparent, but the second coat was easier. I had to do a third coat because I still had naked patches, and some where I still saw the nail.
The wear is great however, and the effect is wonderfull - it looks kind of like a foil.
I applied a few tape strips and did a design with Milani's Purple Gleam. In reality it is more pink than in the photos, but still a purple. Click to enlarge:


  1. I love the glitter you added to this . It makes everything pop. This color is almost like a lighter version of CG Coconut Kiss .

  2. Toyomi, yap looks a bit like that one but this had a kind of pink glitter in it.
    Noir Laquer - thank you!

  3. I'm thinking about next week too... it does not sound like fun :(

    On the bright side this polish looks great on you. I love what you did with the glitter. :)


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