Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas !!

Hey everyone!! Just a quick post in the middle of ironing, cooking, and cleaning, to wish you all a happy merry Christmas, and all the joy in the world.
Have yourselves some great holydays and all the best!
Love you guys!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Essie - Where's my chauffeur

Hello my dears!!
I know I am really bad at doing regular posts, but I just can't find the time anymore. With all the work, and the Christmas shopping I have really had time for nothing. We also went on a little trip to London, this weekend, saw some friends, did some shopping, as some of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen.

This is a little Essie I picked up at Monoprix, it is part of the holliday collection" Leading Lady". I love the color, it is so pretty, I'm not sure how this is a winter color, but hey I wear what I want not what I'm supposed to.

It is a turquoise cream, that applies pretty good and is opaque in two coats. This is the Europeean version of Essie, with the wide brush, and name on the top of the cap.

I know it looks a little beat up on my nails, but that's because I have been wearing it for 3 days, and it has been through a lot, but as you can see no chips.

This looks a lot like China Glaze For Audrey and Dior St. Tropez, so I did a little comparison for you: China Glaze on the index finger, Dior on the middle finger, and on the rest the Essie.

CG - For Audrey is a little lighter, so not really an exact dupe, and Dior is a bit darker, but just a hint, so if you already have one of these, I don't really see the point in buying the others. But they are all super pretty, and good quality nail polish ranging from 3$ to 21€. Your choice.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Red glitter gradient

Hey everyone!!
I am so so so so so sorryyyyyyyy, I haven't really had time to take care of this little blog, I am really swamped right now, have been traveling a lot for work, and when I am home I am working, going to the gym and being sick  haha!!

So this is my series of Christmas manis. Starting with a red and blue gradient, I know it's dark blue, it's not black. I started with applying two coats of Dior blue Label and continued with a red glitter gradient. The gradient was done according with my gradient tutorial.

The red glitter is the Milani one coat glitter red sparkle.
Hope you like it. I'm sorry still have no time