Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revlon - Electric

Another one from my swap with Carolina. It's a beautiful lemony colour, with white shimmer. The shimmer is very hardly visible, I only saw it when I applied the polish on my nails, in the bottle I thought it was a yellow cream. So that was a pleasant surprise.
We are having the worst weather lately, so no sunshine, always raining, and I can't get a break to take decent pictures of my polishes. We are looking for an apartment to buy, but we are not having any luck, everything on the market is missing something that we are looking for in an apartment, so I am starting to think we will never find a place of our own. I don't know why they love making buildings here without any balconies, I really hate not having a balcony. And no elevator either, even buildings with 6 floors don't have elevators. I don't get it.....
I just had to share my frustration with you, now I am done.
In other polish news, I bought Dior's Rock Coat on Tuesday, so that's coming up shortly, I think tomorrow.
Here are the photos of Revlon Electric


  1. I hope you find your "Dream's Apartment" soon.
    This yellow looks very good on you. Think I have to go back and get one for me LOL.


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