Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zoya Gemma

As I think you already know this is part of the Intimate collection, and if you recall this is the bottle that arrived broken, I managed to salvage some of the polish, and did the swatch. The people over at nailetc, were so nice and sent me another bottle, so I'm waiting for that one to get to me.
This is a gorgeous green cream with blue shimmer. I so love this colour, it is definitely going into my 2011 top ten.
The application was great, the formula is a bit droopy, but that doesn't cause any problem with the application. The first coat was a bit transparent, but the second coat completely made it opaque.
Drying time is just perfect.
Overall I adore this polish.
I did some konading over this with a special konad polish I bought at the nail expo last weekend.


  1. It looks so good on you! I like this color :)

  2. Love the shimmer in it, makes it special. :)

  3. Moi qui adore le vert je ne peux que le trouver superbe :)

  4. I love this one!!!
    I have it too and I'm so happy I've purchased it.
    I also like the konad! So springish!!!

  5. Thx girls!! I love it too, It's going in my top ten

  6. Absolutely loove it! Looks so good on you!


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