Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pina Parie - no 45

This is a brand that I discovered at the Nail expo, it's a German brand that produces all kinds of nail stuff and they also have a nail polish line with lots of shades. Their site is over here .
I bought some nail polish from their stand, for a moderate price the big bottles were at 4€, and the small one at 3€.
The first one I am going to show you is a beautiful cream beige with lots of gold shimmer.
The formula is pretty good, it goes on smoothly, and it was almost a one coatter. Drying time is normal, and the wear is ok too.
This was two coats, and a top coat of seche vite.
I bought two pairs of shoes the last two weeks:
The first one I fell in love with at Zara- they are dark blue.
And the second one are actually booties and they are brown- I saw some booties like these on a fashion blog here , off course those where Chloé and cost a lot of money, and I think that it's an older collection anyway. But ever since I saw them on her blog, I became obsessed and had to have them, so yesterday I got up and got dressed and went to the mall. After searching all the shoe stores, I finally found at the Bata store these babies. They are very comfortable too!!


  1. Great polish, and shoes! I'm a sucker for gold shimmer. Wow, what a gorgeous shade!

  2. Joli vernis je ne connaissais pas cette marque !!
    Joli chaussures :)

  3. Nail noir - thanx
    Lily - moi non plus je ne connaissait pas je les ai trouvé au salon de maquillage

  4. omg, I love those little booties!!

  5. What a beautiful polish! It's very classy and wearable and yet with a twist.


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