Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chanel - Peche Nacrée

I had drooled over this one at Sephora, and my friend Mariana asked me if I wanted something in particular for my birthday and I asked for it. So this is it - it's a peachy shimmer as the name suggests, and it is so pretty, on me less pretty but I still like it. I find it to be a very girly colour.
Here are the photos - two coats and no top coat. I added a coat of Cracked Concrete.
I really like Chanel bottles, but I hate their brushes.


  1. Beautiful color.
    Did you get your package?

  2. This color is so pretty on you! I actually love the Chanel brushes.

  3. I prefer OPI wide brushes Tasha
    Carolina I didn't get it yet, but don't worry it will get to me.


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