Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Topshop Sandstorm Nail polish duo

This was love at first sight since I saw these on their site. And I was not wrong to buy them. If you didn't know, Topshop has a line of nailpolish that retails at 5£, and they recently put out a new collection of make up that includes two nailpolish duos, this is the Sandstorm duo.
I looooved these polishes - they come in a cute little box, there's not much polish in them, each bottle has 6ml, but they are so worth it. This duo contains a sky blue cream and a silver polish. They are both amazing!! I only tried the blue on all of my nails, and although the first coat was a bit streaky, the second one made it all perfect. Just look at this gorgeous blue!! The blue one is called Zenith and the Silver Cyclone- I couldn't find the name anywhere on the bottle but they appear this way on their site.
Anyway, the brush is ok, the formula was perfect, super shinny, and very good application, all in all an excellent polish.
I know my cuticles weren't in their best shape but please forgive me. I did all the nails in blue and then I wanted to try the silver one too so that's why you can see the blue through the silver.
Hey the nail polish totally matches my ring from H&M.
Do you remember the broken bottle of Zoya Gemma? Well I wrote nailetc a little mail demanding if they could do anything about it, and they are sending me another one free!!! Nailetc rules!! yeyyyy!!


  1. It comes in a two pack?! *Runs to Top Shop* Thanks for the swatch!

  2. I love pastel blues like this :) The accent nail is gorgeous! I really wish they would open Top Shops on N.America.. it looks like an amazing store.

  3. @Gotham - It comes separately too.
    @tasha - I bought these online, we don't have topshop in france, but their site delivers in France


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