Friday, April 1, 2011

Guest post: Cristina does nails - LA Girl - Urge

Cristina is back!! And she is mad!!
Here is her review:

"Hello everybody,

After a quite long absence due to bad nail condition (not totally recovered yet), here I am, back again with a sunny days pool-party colour! It’s LA Girl Urge, from the Color Addict collection.

I’m always into trying new brands, new stuff… I must say I was a little disappointed with this one. I have 2 more LA Girl polishes, from the Nude Collection this time, maybe they’ll get me to change my mind. We’ll see…

About Urge, the colour is very cute, very joyful, with lots of shimmer in it. I really like it.

BUT, the application was total misery, I think it’s the polish with the worse application that I have (and I do have a lot!). It is extremely sheer (here I have 3 coats and I still have obvious VNL!!), and it dries slowly (even one single coat!).

Well, my advice is… if you like the colour, try to find something similar with the other brands, (is very cute, but not that unique)… There are too many bad aspects for me to recommend it.

Here are the pictures!

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