Thursday, March 10, 2011

Misa - Bikini with a Martini

I am officially in love with Misa polishes!!
I bought this one along with Dirty sexy money, and I love them both. This one is a jelly hot pink, it dries off to a matte finish, which I don't like on this kind of colour, so I added top coat.
The formula is great - all I needed were two coats, and it dries off pretty fast too. I also like the bottle shape and the way they write the name of the polish on the bottom in a diagonal. And I very much appreciate that the caps have Misa written on them, so for me in the sea of polishes it is easier to spot.
I thought it would look cool with a top coat of crackle so I added Cracked concrete from China Glaze
These are the pictures - they are pre nail breaking.

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