Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sally Hansen - Purple Fiesta

Sorry about the lack of posts this weekend, but I was a bit busy, first of all yesterday I went to the Nail Expo - Mondial de beauté et spa de Paris, I took lots of photos, and I'll do a post on this tomorrow; today I had all the meals with friends, from Romania and from here. But I've got something for you today, it's another polish from my swap with Carolina whom I adore she does pretty konadicures so be sure to check out her blog
This is like a party polish, it's a brown cream base, with violet shimmer, nice holo round glitter and lines of glitter (don't know how they are called).
It was opaque in two coats, the formula is great, and love the shimmer. I had a hard time removing it but other than that everything was perfect!!
This is my first Sally Hansen ever by the way, and I must say I am hooked. Oh and I love the bottle shape.
Here are the photos
See all the magnificent glitter?


  1. Very nice... looks beautiful on you.
    Sally Hansen is a good quality brand... we could have another swap any time.

  2. Thanx Lily and Carolina,
    I would like to have another wap with you but you know that the only brand I can offer you is KIKO

  3. I know! and I Loved KIKO nail polishes, they are so pretty and the quality is amazing.


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