Sunday, March 20, 2011

Revlon Violet

Another beautiful Revlon from my swap with Carolina!!
This one is a purple shimmer, the shimmer is subtle but that's what makes it special.
I love it, great application , the formula is just right, and drying time is normal.
I also tried out my new Konad polishes - the white one this time.
In other news, my friend Cristina arrived, and we hung out yesterday, we went to the mall, and visited the new Kiko store over at Chatelet - les Halles and I picked up some new polishes for another swap with Carolina. They have put out a whole bunch of new shades, and all are creams, very pretty!!
So here are the pictures:


  1. I love this color and yo did a good job with konad!
    You are so sweet, picking more polishes for me... thank you!!


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