Tuesday, March 8, 2011

St Patrick's watermarble

I broke a nail;;;;;;;;;;((((((!! Awwwww!! I'm going to have to trim them all down!!!I hate this, my nails take forever to grow.

I was all day at work and could not swatch anything new. So I am postin another fail - My watermarble got a bit messy but overall this is an improvement .... I guess. I used China Glaze Wagon Trail and Sinful Colors Mint Candy.


  1. Oh! What a pity your broken nail... :-(
    But the watermarble is perfect!

  2. That's a fail? lol Looks great as far as the design goes. :)

  3. I love this! Why are you saying this is was a fail? I really like it.
    Anyhow.. Sinful Colors Mint Candy isn't actually called Mint Apple? ;)


  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry for your nail, that's really the worst thing ever! I love this watermabling, it looks amazing!

  5. dep porl'ongle moi des qu'ils commencent a etre longs ils petent :(
    et ton WM j'adore !!!

  6. OH, I'm sorry about your nail :(
    I love your water marble, it came out so perfect.

  7. Thanx everybody!!
    It's a fail because of the middle nail, and if you enlarge the picture you will see why. :D

  8. very nice, love the colour combo and water marble pattern :)

    As for the broken nail, have you ever tried Biotin? It's an all natural vitamin that helps with the growth and strength of your nails

  9. Ohhh that is one of the best water marbles I have seen! Je ne savais pas que vous célébrez la St Patrick en France!

  10. Danielle I haven't tried Biotin actually I had never heard of it before you mentioned it.
    Tasha It's not french but the french celebrate it too, because it gives them a reason to drink more.


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