Friday, March 18, 2011

Topshop laser mani

Hey everyone, I recently discovered Jane's blog, she does awesome manis with scotch tape just like Chloe. She did an interesting mani that looked like laser beams, so I decided to do the same one, because I have no imagination of my own. I used as a base the silver from the Topshop duoI got a while back, and on top I put my new RBL - Catherine H. I sealed it with a coat of Seche and at the end added a coat of matte finish. As Jane says so in her tutorial alway apply top coat before the matte finish because the matte will drag your top colour onto the base colour, and it will all get messed up.
I love this look so much!!


  1. I love Jane's manis too - and yours looks great!

  2. Great job! It looks so neat! I like the darker blue you used instead of a cobalt :)

    Also thanks for linking back to my blog :)

  3. Great design with that darker nail polish!

  4. thanx everyone, and Jane it was only normal to link back.


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