Thursday, March 3, 2011

OPI - Big hair big nails

OPI has introduced, with the Texas collection, a new type of nail polish - the sorbet- a sort of gelly finish, a bit transparent and very glossy, that dries of to a super shinny aspect.
Big hair and big nail is one of the sorbets in the collection. I didn't expect to like it this much!!
I did 3 coats and I still had visible nail line, but I am won over, and I purchased two more. I love the finish so glossy !!
Aside the visible nail line this kind of finish has another disadvantage it dries off pretty slowly, so even with Seche I had a hard time. I did my nails at 5.30 in the evening and went to bed at 11, and the next morning the nails had sheet imprints.
So I don't think it gets slower than this.
But, even so I love these!!! So glossy!!
Here are the photos - don't click to enlarge I have nasty cuticules, and didn't have the time to trim them.


  1. Another of my favorites from Texas Collection.
    I'm worry about your package.:( I hope you get it really soon.

  2. such a nice colour, I almost got this one but opted for bighair, big nails instead. I'm wearing houston, we have a purple, and I love it :) it sucks that yours took a while to dry. I also did mine before going to sleep and applied Seche and didn't have any problems.

  3. Texas jellies are just amazing! <3


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