Monday, July 4, 2011

KIKO 342

I really really loved this shade, and I have my reasons.
It's a blue toward turquoise blue cream, the formula is amazing just la on all Kiko, and the application is pretty ok too, with the flat brush.
But the color, oh that color!! it's deep like the sea, and it shines like water in the sun!
I wore it for only a day so I can't tell you about the wear on this one, but Kiko is usually ok, in this departement too, on me Kiko wears better than OPI.
I added a coat of Kiko 298 which I reviewed here, and as I told you there it's more of a layering polish and this is the proof.
I love the final look, but I love it more by itself.
I forgot to say I am so sorry for not posting these last days, but on friday I had several meetings with clients and after that I had a friend from Romania come over, and had to go wait for her at the train station, and after that all weekend was full of stuff to do with her; I loved having her, I miss her very much.
Here are the photos:


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