Monday, July 11, 2011

Kiko 318 + Kleancolor Sugar coat

I wore this Kiko for two days before taking it off, and the pictures were taken right before.
It's a dark dusty purple, leaning towards a soft brown.
I love the color, but it doesn't look that good on me.
Application is excellent and formula too, I think all Kiko creams have the same one.
I placed an order on Beautyjoint that is a site that I've recently discovered with the help of Lily , to buy some kleancolor because I love their glitters. They have a sale on Kleancolor they're all at 1.75$. I bought 11 with 25€ including delivery for France.
I got them in record time - like 5 days, and really well wrapped.
The polishes are great but kinda stink.
Anyways I added a coat of Sugar Coat on top of my Kiko. Sugar coat is a transparent base with flakie like large hex glitter.
This is two coats of Kiko and one coat of the Kleancolor


  1. I love the little glitters on top of this polish! Too cute :)

  2. I love the base color and the glitter. I discovered Beautyjoint too and I are amazed with their prizes.

  3. Very nice combination! I like the base color--not quite purple, not quite brown.


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