Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sephora n°70

This is other Sephora polish I got the other day, and this was not disappointing at all. It is a dark blue cream base with blue and purple shimmer in it, which gives it a kind of duochrome hint and overall looks more blue than purple.
It looks awesome in the regular version, and awesome matte, it becomes a suede.
This was two coats, and I can't find anything wrong with this polish. It's perfection.


  1. That shimmer! ♥ What a gorgeous polish, especially matte.

  2. this color is beautiful! looks like satin!

  3. Amy Grace I love it too. Thank you!
    ManicuredMonkey I know so cool!!
    Lalica thanx so much!
    Thenailaholic I love it both ways!
    Carolina thanx!!

  4. This looks freaking fantastic . I like it matte .

  5. Wow! Last Friday I was at Sephora and noticed a couple of nice polishes (I wrote down numbers to check swatches before buying, they aren't that cheap after all, here they cost 5,5€) and 70 was one of them!! I love Suedes, this is gorgeous in both shiny and matte version.

  6. Maisenzasmalto - I know so overpriced for not such a good quality


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