Friday, July 22, 2011

KIKO 338 + Kleancolor Siler lining

I promise I will stop with the Kikos.
This one is a lanvender colored cream polish. This was 2 coats and application was smooth, formula is great, but I think it need to dry a bit off before applying the top coat, because I didn't wait at all and had some shrinkage.
But everything is just great with this polish.
I don't think it looks that good on me, but it is a great color.
I added a coat of Kleancolor Silver lining which is a transparent base, with small silver glitter, and larger hex violet glitter.
I love the way these look together, and this glitter is amazing, it wasn't thick as the other ones, but it still stincks.
Anyways here are the photos, and again sorry for the lighting:


  1. amazing color :-D
    i don't to see mind more of kiko :-)
    this kleancolor looks great to :-D

  2. KIKO 338 looks really good on you! Very pretty! nice combination.

  3. Beautiful combo!
    I'm loving those Kleancolor toppers!

  4. I love this Kiko (you did a lot of shopping in the Paris store, didn't you?)!!

  5. Maisenzasmalto - yap I raided the store in may they had a promotion every polish for half the price.
    Carolina - I love these too, they are a bit thick and stincky but I still love them
    Lydz - thank you!!
    Nail crazi - thanx a lot!!

  6. that is such a pretty combination!!

  7. Beautiful combination! I love to see Kikos--helps me build up my wish list. :)

  8. Lily - merci beaucoup
    KarenD- if you want to arrange a swap contact me
    Silence is Loud - Thank you very much!


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