Thursday, June 30, 2011

Essie Borrowed & Blue

I am falling in love with Essie polishes!!
I love them more and more, at first I thought that they were boring, but now I see that the formula is wonderfull, the brush is great, and the polishes always look amazing on my nails. The finish is super shinny, and they always get opaque in two coats.
Ok I've gushed enough!
This is part of the 2011 Wedding collection, and it is was won by me in KarenD's giveaway. So thank you Karen for this gem!!
As I've already told you these polishes are wonderfull and I absolutely loved wearing this shade. I don't know about you but my nails always look bigger with lighter cream shades. This one is a baby blue cream, and it is almost white.
The first coat is always a bit streaky on this kind of polishes, but the second one make it perfect.
And to top it off I added a coat of CND Copper Shimmer.
Here are the photos:
Isn't it just gorgeous!!!


  1. I love Essie polishes, the formula is great and they apply very smooth.
    I like how it looks with the CND effect.

  2. That looks beautiful on you! The CND effect is a very nice addition to the blue.

  3. Very pretty! My favorite light blue this summer :)

  4. Very pretty color! I don't have too many Essie polished, but this one looks like it should be on my list :)

  5. I'm really really into Essie lately. This has been the first year I've ever really felt like I NEEDED any of them lol

  6. I have been into Essie also because they are very good quality nail polishes, and they have the prettiest creams.


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