Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pina Parie 52+Kleancolor Red Hot

I am too excited to wait any more to show this.
I started with Pina Parie 51 which was a bit difficult on the application because of the brush that was curved. My guess is that they put normal bottle brushes in small bottles and it touched the bottom of the bottle and it tilted. So that made the application super complicated and that's why my mani is a bit messed up. But the polish on the other hand is excellent, I love the color and was totally surprised to see how great it looked on my skin, and wondered why I had waited almost 6 months to swatch this.
The base is a burdgundy jelly with blue shimmer which gives it an overall look of purple. It is not completly opaque in two coats but it was good enough for me so I left it that way.
And since I am now trying out all my new Kleancolor I thought it would look good with Red hot on top. Red hot is a red transparent base with large red hex glitter and small round glitter.
The result is this and I think it looks great! Picture spam warning!!

The reason of my sloppy application

Artificial light

Natural light


  1. Kudos on painting your nails with that brush! IDK if I could have done it aha. Anyway, it looks great on you

  2. It was difficult, I had to do lots of clean up and still had some leftover. Thanx for the compliment

  3. Gorgeous result...what a wonky brush!!

  4. I love Red hot. <3

    Omg, curved brush. You don't see that every day. But anyway, you did a great job with it, the polish looks good on you.

  5. I love this combo, so original, and it made your nails like covered with some kind of liquid coloured glass with some precious inclusions!

  6. Smaltoitaliano, it's exactely my opion too. thank you so much


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