Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catrice - Hip Queens wear blue jeans! + Kleancolor Disco ball

Oh I have lots to say about these two...
Catrice is a brand I hadn't used until my trips to Lausanne, were I stumbled upon Coop supermarkets and found they carried Catrice, Essence and lots of other goodies.
I bought this one because of it's subtle little blue glitter.
It's a dark blue cream base, with very small blue glitter, it is similar to Mavala Smokey blue that I swatched way back here but it's not an amazing swatch. Be sure to click on the images because they are really huge and back then I hadn't quite gotten the hang of blogging.
I will do a comparison soon, and maybe even a reswatch of that Mavala, because those pictures don't do it justice.
Anyways like all Catrices this one is great too, application is easy, and formula is good. I applied two coats for full opacity.
On top I added Kleancolor Disco ball which is a clear base with blue and purple glitter. The formula on this one is ok too, the glitter spread evenly without any effort from my part unlike other Kleancolor glitters. This was only one coat, and as you already know by now, this polish stincks too.
I made a mistake though, after applying the polish, seeing that it was rather late in the evening, I went to bed, and  in morning woke up to find that my polish had some subtle scratches, and I had not taken photos right after the application. So that's why it looks a bit gritty and normally it is shinnier than what you see on the photos.

Mumu is falling asleep on the couch. Such a couch patato!


  1. Love the blue jean color!!! :)

  2. Catrice's polishes are really good, I love them.
    Your manicure look pretty with the glitter on top.
    Mumu is so cute!

  3. I love Catrice polishes, have a lot in my stash...Hipp queens is one of my favourites ever! I like it on it's own, but not with all the glitters :(

  4. I love the layering!! Unfortunately Coop supermarkets here don't sell Catrice (this brand is not as easy as Essence to find here)!

  5. Good read. That color matches perfectly with a new pair of jeans. Thanks for sharing.


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