Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kiko 343 & Kleancolor Twinkly love

My camera had a total freak out when it saw this color, so the real color is a bit more electric than what you see on the screen, but since I can't work Photoshop because I suck at it, I left them like they were.
This is a bright green cream, that applied really well and opaque in two coats.
Kikos are really awesome, see how they shine !!!
And on top I added one of my Kleancolors - Twinkly love. This one is a clear base with different sized and colored hearts in it. But the formula is really thick, and I had a hard time getting some hearts on each nail. And all of these Kleancolors really stink, but literally stink.
So here is the result: now as I have said before we are having a really crappy time here and there is no sunshine at all so sorry but these are all under artificial light, or natural light.

Radio Killer - Lonely Heart


  1. I love this with the hearts! Soo cute! :)

  2. Omg, what a gorgeous color. I like all kind of greens. This one is going on my WL.

  3. I skipped that Kiko but well I might reconsider buying it, it looks great on you!!


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