Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Kiko 313

Hello everyone!!
I am so sleepy I don't know if I am too tired, or if I just haven't had enough coffee. I can't concentrate on my work, and I only want to sleep, so I decided to do a post.
And it's Wednesday again!!
I saved this for today it's a gorgeous fuchsia cream pink with some blue hints in it. Or is it just the fact that I am tired that's making me see blue in it. Don't know.
I applied two coats and it looks just perfect. My cuticules were not at their best but now they are doing much better.
I also put on two coats of Kleancolor Chuncky holo purple. It's a bit too much but I think this way you can see the beautiful flecs and the multichrome goodness better.
And bonus a cute photo of Mumu:

Isn't he a cuttie?


  1. I love this color, it's gorgeous! I prefer without the top coat...

  2. I was about to comment on how I really liked it alone, then I saw the rest of the pictures. WOW! I love it both ways though. It's a great shade :)

  3. Oh KIKO, how I love you!!! lol
    What a beautiful color Ruxi, I'm loving Kleancolor at this time, the combination is perfect.

  4. I prefer it with the flakies . It's beautiful .

  5. Beautiful color (how come I skipped it?)! And I want those flakes!!!
    <3 to Mumu


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