Thursday, July 28, 2011

Essie - Chinchilly

This was another great lemming for me, that Karen killed when I won her giveaway.
This is a grey cream that looks a bit brownish too.
I love the formula of these Essies!! and the application is so good too. I applied 3 coats, because I thought I still saw bald spots after 2 coats. But the bright side is, that even after 3 coats it did not shrink with Seche vite.
On top I applied a design from my BM 208 with a silver Flormar polish.


  1. I love it with the silver stamp!

  2. I looooove how it looks with the stamping!!
    1st time I came across your blog but not the least, I'm following now ;D

  3. Nailderella - thanx so much! and welcome
    Nicknacksnails - I love it this way too, I actually wore this today, because I love it so much. I don't usually wear a BM mani, but I loved this one too much.

  4. My favourite shade, very much to you goes
    With stamps fine looks, very unostentatiously and beautifully

  5. Love it! Cum se compara cu OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts?

  6. Wow, I looove it with the stamp! It looks so elegant O_O Chinchilly is one of my favourite neutrals :D It's so edgy looking!

  7. Pretty! I think this may be the first swatch I've seen of it.


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