Friday, July 8, 2011

Essie - Cantaloupe

Essie Cantaloupe is exactely what it says it is the color of the Cantaloupe or a faded peach color.
It's a cream and it needed about 3 coats for opacity. I had some trouble with the application on this one, even with the second coat it had streaks, but the third one did the trick. Still I found this weird, because usually Essie cream are perfect in two coats.
Anyway because of the three coats, I had some shrinking, with the Seche vite on the tips, and that's why it looks kinda like tip wear. And excuse the horrible cuticules.
I also did a comparison with Wet'n'Wild Blazed and Revlon Peachy.
The Revlon is almost a dupe of this one.
Natural light

Natural sun light

Artificial light


  1. Wonderful shade! I very much search for a long time for the such

  2. Adorable color, I love peaches!
    It's a warm tone that looks very nice on you.

  3. Carolina, Antalexx - thanx! hugs!
    Karen - my pleasure!

  4. That's the perfect name. Great comparison too :)


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