Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pink Wednesday - OPI - Tropical Punch

And another one from my swap with Carolina, I had this on for about 3 days and it didn't chip, I just had some tip wear.
It's a fuchsia redish colored cream, that becomes opaque in two coats.
Application and formula are great just as OPI has always had, and I guess there's nothing more to say, this is an OPI and that says it all.
Artificial light

Natural sun light

Natural light


  1. Very beautiful! I love your nails.

  2. Thanx Shang!! It's weird because when I was a teenager I thought my nails were ugly.

  3. I love the color a lot . It's very summery .

  4. These colors red/coral colors are always beautiful on you!

  5. Anutka I've noticed that too!That's why I love corals and reds. Thank you!
    The nailaholic - thanx sweetheart!


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