Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vert est le nouveau rouge

Just did my nails in my new OPI - Cuckoo for this color and I really am cuckoo for this color!!
Love it love it, and also dries off fast. Great finish and texture, I definitely recommend this nail polish.
Here are the photos.

This is my cat Mumu who is waving hello to everyone

My cute large coffee mug that I bought in a little town we visited two weekends ago. I love it because it has a fashionista cat on it.
An this is Mavala - Smokey Blue


  1. I luuuuuv both nail polishes, especially Cuckcoo for this colour.
    I LOVE ALL OPI products anyways :)

    A also like the mug.The cat is gorgeus!!:P What town was that you went 2 weeks ago?

    An your cat, why doesn't HE get a manicure???? :D

    The One Who can't Follow This Blog


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