Friday, April 8, 2011

Touring America swatches - the shimmers

So I have started to swatch Touring America and first up are the shimmers. Sorry I don't have all of them up at once but I don't really have time to do them all.
I thought the shimmers should go first since they are my favourite from this collection. They are all so pretty.
Colour to diner for is a dark wine red, with golden shimmer that reminds me of a darker version of let me entertain you and with less shimmer, but this is a great shade and I love it. Application, formula and drying time excellent like on all the OPIs.

Next up is I eat mainly lobster. This is my favourite so far, and what a great name!!
They are all original but I find this one very funny! This is a coral cream with golden shimmer, they basically have the same shimmer in them I think. I am guessing this will be the hit of the collection. This one has a neon feel to it.
My address is Hollywood is a dusty pink cream with golden shimmer and it is the one that I am wearing today. I think this is a must have like I eat mainly lobster.
And the last one is Are we there yet?. It's an orangy cream with golden shimmer.

I hope you like these, because I love them. Do you think you will get any of these?


  1. I need to have "I Eat Mainely Lobster".... "mainely" because of the name ^_^

  2. Definitely I'll get all of them, I loved!!

  3. Cilucia I know that name is so funny
    Carolina they are all worth buiyng. and even more pretty in real life.

  4. Oh man, OPI might have lured me back in with these. I love gold shimmer. All are gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow I had no idea they had shimmer from the promo pics! You are the first one to post these that I have seen :) I agree with Cilucia - Mainely Lobster is a must because of the name!

  6. Yep I think th shimmers are all worth buying, but I am just a fan of corals and pinks.

  7. Thanks for da swatches!
    Luv "My address is Hollywood" is an amazing dusty pink cream with golden shimmer


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