Friday, April 15, 2011

Flormar N009

This one is part of their Neon collection, and it's a purple. I don't know why this is a neon, I don't find it neon, but it's a pretty purple cream.
I've been asked this question lately: what number is the Flormar you showed on the guest post on Aurora's Nails? and the answer is 418. I absolutely forgot to include it in the post I made for her, and I see that everyone like it, and they don't know which one it is. I am so sorry for forgetting, I've asked Aurora to fill in the post, but don't know if she can because she has been a bit sick lately. And for everybody who's been telling me it is a turquish brand I would tell them to go check out their site, it says that it all began in Italy and that they moved the factory to Turkey .
Let's get back to my purple Flormar. I loved the formula, it applies perfectly, and for those of you who don't like to put on 2 coats of polish, this one is totally a one coatter.
So here are the photos:


  1. Oh I just love this color. I've been trying to find something similar for ages :)


  2. I have it and its gorgeous :):)
    Today I was at a stand Flormar (seeking shade 318) but it's not: (: (I looked in the catalog and wasn't... :(:(:(
    ( )

  3. Mihaela am comis-o din nou, nu e 318, e 418, sunt varza. nici sa citesc nu mai stiu


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