Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Flormar 125

A brand I have never shown you - Flormar - I think it's italian at it's origins, now the factory is in Turkey, and in my country we find it in any mall - they have little stands and they sell their products. They offer a wide variety of nail polish, all kinds of colours and finishes.
This one is a cream bright pink, I know it may look a bit jellish from the photos but trust me it isn't.
Let's talk formula - I like it, it's not runny, not too consistent either, a bit thick , but applies well, I did not have any problems with it. On this brush some of the hairs were a bit long and made it a bit hard to apply evenly so I trimmed them down myself and after that everything went on smoothly.
The price is another attractive aspect, in my country these are sold for about 2 $. So not too bad hey!!!
Drying time is normal, and I didn't get any chips either. So I will definitely buy more when I go to Romania.
Here are the photos : click to enlarge

Bonus my cat sleeping on the box of polishes


  1. I just found your blog! Whoa I'm a little behind :) I love this color and kitty! Your cat looks like my sweet baby Orton.

  2. Beautiful pink!
    Your kitty is so cute, protecting your polishes lol...
    I tagged you in my latest post!

  3. I love Flormar polishes, they are Turkish brand and have very nice quality. love this shade on you

  4. I actually thought they were italian.

  5. Si mie imi plac ojele Flormar, au unele nuante chiar dragute. Sunt turcesti, asa cum a zis si hermetic :) Am vazut ca ai un guest post pe alt blog, tot cu o oja Flormar - imi poti zice si mie numarul ojei? pls :)

  6. Ti-am dat mail. Eu am citit pe situl lor ca au inceput in Italia si pe urma au mutat fabrica in Turcia

  7. am aceeasi intrebare ca si Alexa :)

    sper sa-ti fie de folos


  8. Oja de pe situl Aurorei este nrul 318. The flormar on my guest post for Aurora is no 318.
    Am uitat sa precizez acolo, dar i-am spus si sper sa adauge.

  9. Mihaela mersi dar stiam deja care este situl lor.


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