Friday, April 15, 2011

The Dior Experience

The first time I ordered something on the Dior site: a real pleasure.
First of all, the delivery is free with everything, so no matter what you buy it is free, even for a mascara. I ordered the new Catwalk duo Electric Tropics Aloha polish. They offered me a mini mascara and you can also choose the samples that you want to receive: I opted for two perfumes.
I placed my order on Monday and on Wednesday I already had the products.
They came in a beautiful box, with the brand's logo, and with a nice letter also.
I absolutely loved the package, Dior is expensive but at least I know for what I am paying that much: for the excellent service!!
So I've never had such quality service before.
On to the polish duo: The pack contains a nail polish the shade Aloha a bright orange cream - by the way have you noticed the subtle tiny sparkle in every Dior polish? - and a top coat for extreme brilliance.
The polish is absolutely gorge!!! I am becoming a Dior fan - they are always super shinny and the colours go really well on my skin, I also like the brush, it is definitely giving OPI a good run for the money.
The top coat is good too, it dried off my polish really quickly and with a super shine!!
Here are the photos:

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