Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nicole by OPI - Sky's the limit

My very first Nicole by OPI!! And I have it thanx to Carolina!! I got it in my second swap with her.
This one and 2 more, which I will show you later on.
So I just saw that I have arrived at 200 posts, I've been doing this for like 5 months now.
This polish, is a blue shimmer polish, mixed up with white shimmer. It is sheer so this was 3 coats, and still not opaque, but sooooo pretty.
I did a top coat of Navy Shatter, because this shatter works best on blues. These shatters are not like the black one, they crackle more like the ones from china glaze, with long meshes. But the difference from China Glaze is that they are a lot less messier - I don't know if your Crackle Glaze does this but mine, just dries off at the neck of the bottle and when I open it I am left with a lot of crackle crumbs next to the bottle. Don't know if you understood any of that.
Anyway here are the photos.


  1. I love the blue shatter, can't wait to get mine.
    That color looks nice on you...

  2. OMG!This is the most beautiful shatter combo I've ever seen on the entire bloggosphere!
    And you know I'm not a shatter fan. This could actually change my mind about particular shatter colours...

  3. ruxi, asa am patit si eu cu alix avien cracke, se usca pe marginea sticlei inainte s-o aplic.
    am pus dizolvant pt. unghii si am fluidizat-o cu succes, atentie, dizolvant care dizolva, nu acetona, nu se strica si se aplica perfect.


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