Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flormar 28

It's a real pitty that Flormar does not name their polishes with names instead of numbers, because numbers can so easily be confused.
Today I am showing you another beautiful one - an orange almost jelly texture cream. Although in the pictures it seems like I have VNL, I actually didn't, the polish was opaque in two coats, and one coat could have been a perfect jelly.
I applied a model with my bundle monster BM03 plate and a special Konad polish. And on top I put on a coat of Jade sparkle from CND.
Here are the photos, click for a larger view:


  1. OMG Ruxi, I used the same design!!
    Definitely great minds think alike!!!

  2. OMG so weird, I usually post manis that I have done a few days back, but today I just felt the need to post the one that I was wearing!!

  3. I am not in oragne polishes that much, but I love this one with stamping. Nice :)

  4. Very pretty, and I love the shimmer you added at the end.


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