Monday, April 11, 2011

Touring America swatches - part 3

And these are the last swatches of the Touring America collection. So after this one you can tell exactly which one you will buy.
These are also creams, and as for the others, formula, application, drying time and wear are great. These are all 2 coats no top coat, and you can click on the photos to enlarge, you will have a better view.
1. Suzi takes the wheel a light gray cream - I am not crazy about this kind of shades because they don't go with my skin tone, but it is still pretty, and maybe on you it will look better.

2. French quarter for your thoughts this one looks a lot like the previous one, only a bit lighter. So I guess you don't need to buy both of these.

3. Uh-oh Roll down the window - this one is a dusty olive green cream. I love it, it's one of my favourites, and I would have definitely bought this one.

4. I brake for manicures - a dark purplelish gray which I adore, I find it very unique. So I guess this one is a must have from this collection.

So this is it. What do you think? Are you excited? Looking forward for any of the shades? Which ones do you think you'll buy?
In other news, I am approaching 100 followers and I'll be having a giveaway soon in honor of that. I am looking forward to it, being my first giveaway ever.
Hugs you guys!


  1. Hey!! Thanks for this post! I really like the entire collection, especially the darker shades. And thanks for nice pics :)

  2. I love this collection although it doesn't offer much variety, but the colors go really well with one another and offer true fall feeling as a whole. separately, I'd like to have maybe 3-4 of them.
    thanks for posting!

  3. Hello! Not completely sure if you are Romanian, so I will write this in English. This collection is absolutely gorgeous! I am a huge fan of OPI and cremes and when this collection reaches Romania, I will surely buy several. My question is related to "Suzi takes the wheel" shade. You said that it doesn't suit your skin tone. Well I myself have problems in finding colors to compliment my skin tone, I noticed that light colours look horrible, as well as pinks. My skin has a yellow undertone, not exactly olive, but still medium golden beige or so. Do you think that this polish would look good on me? I'm referring to Suzi takes the wheel (the darker grey in the collection). Thanks in advance! Your blog is amazing!

  4. Bunz Harieta, da sunt romanca, nu stiu sa iti zic dc ti-ar sta bine tie oja asta, dar sigur ti-ar sta mai bine decat mie, pt ca eu am pielea ff alba, si cred ca culorile astea griurile arata mai bine pe persoanele cu pielea mai inchisa.


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