Sunday, April 17, 2011

Misa Heaven White

Hey everybody, I've missed blogging yesterday, I was away on my weekend, we went to Etretat a great little town on the coast of the English Channel, with these super beautiful view on the rocks.
This is by the way, where my husband took me to tell me that he loved me, for the first time.
So today's swatch is my first cream white nail polish, which I bought off of Transdesign, just for that reason, because I had no white polish. I am glad I chose this one, because I've heard that with cream white polishes it is hard to get a good opaque one, without any streaks. But this one is perfect, I don't know why I don't buy more Misa. I also bought a black one for the same reason, that I don't own a black cream polish. Weird I know, for a laquerhead, but I don't enjoy black polish, don't know why, but it is good for layering.
I applied some of the stickers that Carolina sent me on our swap and is what came out:

And some pictures of Etretat- it wasn't a very sunny day


  1. I love white & gold combo...! This polish looks gorgeous. I hate streaks on white or nude polishes!

  2. Very very nice! Looks a little Versailles-like ;) Très chic!
    Like it a lot!

  3. What a pretty manicure, looks so feminine.


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