Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Catrice - Let's mauve on

My first Catrice!! yey!! I finally did it, I tried one of my Catrices and I must say I am impressed!! The formula is great, it's kind of gloopy but it is easy to work with, and the application is easy because the brush is wide and flat  just like I like 'em!
Great news everyon, I bougt a light bulb today, that simultates natural day light, and I must say I am impresse, I love that know even though we are having the crappiest weather, I can take great pictures of my nails.
Someone said in the suggestion part of my giveaway that my photos were too dark, and that she couldn't tell the colour of the polish properly, and she is right, so I hope that this way I have remedied the problem
Back to the polish, I know its name suggests that it's not pink, but I find it pink so this is why it's here today.
This polish is a pink cream packed with small white shimmer, it gives it a kind of frosty look! click to enlarge so you can see.
I have applied two coats.
Please let me know what you think of the pictures, do you find them brighter, or better in any way than my previous pictures?


  1. That is a gorgeous color!

    I'll say, in that first picture the brightness is better, but not really in the rest of them. I see two different colors and they're the same polish! It's a start though :)

  2. the first picture is taken directly under the light bulb, and the others are taken in a light box I made myself.

  3. I love the color!
    I like the pictures so much, the look very nice.

  4. Ooh this is nice . Your pictures really do this color justice .

  5. Nothing compares to the real day light.
    But these pictures are great!

    @thenailaholic: I think it's normal to get different shades of one same colour, depending on if you take the picture in direct sunlight, in the shade or with the flash. I think one SHOULD be showing all the "faces" of a polish when swatching it.

  6. Beautiful color, it looks great on you!

  7. I managed to get this one in a swap; it's a soft, pretty color.

    Taking photos can be such a challenge, especially knowing that what something looks like on one computer monitor doesn't necessarily mean it'll look like that on another one. I think your pictures are pretty good, and you're right that showing in different lights can mean the color changes--that's reality. :)


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